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Some helpful tips on food shopping the healthy way from our friends at  Nutritious Navigation! 

  1. Know the layout.  Every grocery store/food market may be slightly different so knowing which aisles contain necessary items is key!  If you can avoid going down the tempting aisles (think chips/cookies) it may help to deter the urge to bring them home with you!
  2. Shop with a list.  Shop with MEALS in mind so you’re shopping with a recipe or with a purpose and not buying unneeded items.  It’s ok to indulge but try to limit purchases to smaller, pre-packaged items.
  3. Don’t go shopping hungry!  We’ve heard this one before but it’s worth repeating!
  4. Read the labels.   Watch out for trans fat and sodium and read the ingredient list closely.
  5. Stay organized!  Keep a list of what items need to be replenished as they go to avoid running out of key “kitchen staples.”

Fresh Produce (in season for Fall): squash, broccoli, apples*, cauliflower, pomegranates, grapes*, swiss chard, turnips, mushrooms, pear, pineapple, artichokes, persimmons, pumpkin, bagged salad greens, bagged slaw mix 

*Recommended to purchase “Organic” due to higher pesticide amounts.

Meat/Poultry/Fish: ground beef, 96% lean, ground turkey, skinless/boneless chicken breast, tofu, fish fillets, shrimp

Dairy/Eggs/Cheese: yogut (greek, low-fat, low-sugar), cottage cheese (low-fat), eggs, egg substitute, cheese (low-fat, reduced-fat, park-skim)

Pantry Staples:  

Oils: cooking spray, olive oil

Vinegars/Condiments: balsamic, broth, hot pepper sauce, marinara sauce, mustard, soy sauce, hummus, salsa, etc 

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc

Nut butter: natural-style nut butter

Beans: black, chickpeas, kidney, etc

Canned items: artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, tuna, salmon

Grains and Pasta: quinoa, oatmeal, quick-cooking barley, lentils, whole-grain cereal, whole-wheat breads and pasta

Spices/Seasonings: crushed red pepper, black ground pepper, salt, etc


Frozen vegetables: broccoli, mixed vegetables, etc

Frozen fruit: berries, mango, etc

Frozen protein: tilapia fillets, shrimp

Packaged snacks: whole grain crackers, air popped popcorn, whole-grain tortilla chips , dark chocolate, crystallized ginger

Happy Shopping!

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