The Hotel Nantucket By Elin Hilderbrand – Release Date: June 14, 2022

Summer isn’t summer unless you have an Elin Hilderbrand book stuffed into your beach bag. Her newest, the Hotel Nantucket, doesn’t disappoint, so grab your Faux Paus from LoveChild, slather on the sunscreen and head to M Street to dive into this beach read.

Like most of her books, the Hotel Nantucket, takes place on our little island neighbor. The hotel is drenched in history, but deteriorating until a rich out-of-town developer, Xavier Darling, sweeps in to save the day. Will the hotel maintain its original charm or will it be taken over by someone who’s never even been to Nantucket? However, he must have hired a good decorator because Elin is able to perfectly describe the vibes in only the way she knows how.

The first chapter will have you dreaming of riding the ferry to plop down in the hotel lobby’s hydrangea blue armchairs while waiting to sign in to your newly-made suite. We are introduced to a collection of characters, each with their own story. We meet a frazzled mother with two children who suspiciously pays all cash to stay for weeks. We meet a young woman who appears to shamelessly flirt with any clientele with a thick wallet. Blonde Sharon, the town gossip, always has her eyes on who’s coming and going… and with who. Shelly Carpenter, a name without a face, who runs a popular IG account with scathing hotel reviews. Magda, a top employee and mother figure, with a top secret personal life…. And more.

It’s not an Elin book with an element of romance, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Lizbeth spent years working at the local beach bar, living the life of a local – until she finds out her boyfriend has been exchanging text messages with a Rated-X rating . Of course, there’s fresh meat in the literary form of the new hot chef at the hotel bar. The romance helps propel the story along, and has you feeling all the same emotions as the characters – not rolling your eyes at cheesiness. One of the best parts of this book is that multiple characters from her other books pop up. Often she throws in a cameo or two like Mack from the Beach Club and Fast Eddie Real Estate, but one of the most-loved from the Blue Bistro has a leading role. Elin-loyalists will love it and newbies should automatically go grab the rest of her collection.

A new element to her storytelling is that THERE’S A GHOST. This isn’t a secret, as it’s in the book’s regular description, but I read that myself as a huge HUH? across my forehead. I don’t want to ruin the story or have you scratching your head wondering if this will deter the usual Elin brand. (FYI, it won’t.) In fact, it perfectly adds a bit of mystery and history that’s surprising, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s not a thriller in any way, so don’t worry. So if you’re up for it, hop on the ferry and head to the real Hotel Nantucket who created a “Beach Read Suite” based on some elements from the book. See you there!

FYI: Elin announced that she plans to retire in 2024, but what that officially looks like – we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, I highly recommend stocking up on her whole collection – I’ve transferred them from paperback to my Kindle so I have them at all times.

My top recommendations are: the Blue Bistro, the Paradise Series, A Summer Affair and the Winter Street Series.

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