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One Tough Bastard written by Peter Gailunas

One of the things the Irish are known for is their sense of humor.  But take a boxing fitness class with Tom Egan at Peter Welch’s Gym and you won’t see Tom’s funny side (I’m not sure he has one.)  In the gym, Tom is all biz.  He demands each and every person give an all out effort from start to finish.  If he suspects you can give more, he calls you on it.  (I know!  He has personally called me out a couple of times.)  Tom walks that fine line between motivation and aggravation, when he shouts his commands at you.  If you’ve taken his class you know what I’m talking about:

  • High knees!  High knees!
  • Touch the line!  Touch your partner’s foot!
  • Speed and power! Speed and power!
  • And my personal favorite – “Focus and Hold!” – as in focus and hold a seated position squat for 20 minutes.  If people where meant to stay in a seated position for that long, there would be no need for chairs at all. 

I usually think Tom is a real bastard during his hour-long class – border-lining on hatred.  Then later, after my body recovers and I take a shower, I appreciate his toughness. Tom is getting me ready for the fight I hope I never have.  The three round shadow boxing part of the Tom’s workout includes punching combination, ducking and “sprawling.”  What is “sprawling?” It’s the act of jumping down into push-up position and then quickly jumping back up.  Fun right?

I though it would be good for me to get to know the man behind the hard-ass so recently I chatted with Tom and asked him a few questions.


  • Age: 23 years old
  • From: Dublin City, Ireland.  His family is from County Kildare.
  • Currently lives: in Dorchester (we won’t hold that against him)
  • Married: Yes
  • He is a mixed Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (His overall record is 7 wins 3 losses.)
  • His favorite MMA fighter is George ST. Pierre
  • His favorite music to listen to: Michael Jackson, Elvis and type of dance music.
  • Favorite food – Mexican and South American

Tom is a good man and a great instructor and underneath it all has a heart.  The reason why I wanted to join Peter Welch’s Gym is because I wanted to get in shape.  I know it’s not gonna happen by having comfortable and leisurely work-outs.  It’s gonna happen with tough work-out where “No pain.  No gain” is the motto and Tom Egan is the instructor. 

Update: Recently while getting dressed, my wife commented that my love handles were a lot smaller.  “You know they’re not hanging over your jeans like they normally do.”  Thanks, honey!  So I guess all that core work is paying off. 

Photography by Deborah McCarthy


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