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It’s not too late

As I write this, it’s the third week of August and fall will be here before we know it.  Booooooo!  But wait, before you start packing away your flip flops (just don’t wear them to work, okay?), there’s still two weeks until Labor Day, which means plenty of time to jam in a ton of summer fun.  If you’re anything like me, every year around Memorial Day you declare ‘”this will be the summer of (insert your name here)”, or ‘”this will be the summer Stella gets her groove back”, or “this is the summer I will finally get off my damn ass and do something.”  And if you’re really like me you’ve spent the time since Memorial Day watching “My Strange Addiction” and wondering how the heck gypsies afford such crazy weddings.

my sample list

Well, we’re getting off the couch and going to enjoy life, damn it!  Think of me as your personal summer life coach, you know because my own life is so together.  Any good life coach will tell you to write down your goals. So start your list right now.  Overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?  I’ve got ya covered.  Here’s a sample list (which may or may not be my own list.)  And you’re welcome.

  • Buy a maxi dress, they’re probably on sale
  • Try to achieve “beauty waves” and end up with ridiculous looking hair (this is something I do all summer long, one of these days I’ll perfect it).
  • Hit up the waterfront.  I suggest a pre-dinner cocktail at Legal’s roof deck followed by dinner at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House.
  • Take a day trip to Water Wiz in Wareham, the cost of the ticket is worth the self esteem boost alone.  Trust me, no matter how bad you’re feeling about yourself you’re probably miles ahead of the pack here.
  • Water sports, no snickering.  Try kayaking or paddle boarding out at UMASS.
  • Two words – tequila snowcones, at Papagayo.  Okay, so four words, unless snowcones is actually supposed to be snow cones, then its five words.
  • Are you brave enough to skinny dip? 
  • Kick it old school and crash a neighbor’s pool late night, be careful combining #7 and #8, you’re very likely to end up arrested.
  • Take the ferry to one of my favorite spots in the world, Provincetown.  Try the short rib sliders at Batata – ah-mah-zing.
  • How about a tour of Castle Island, maybe our boy Roy Rider can hook it up. While you’re at Castle Island, pop into Sully’s and say hi to Chris Lane.  Think outside the box and try a lobster roll instead of your usual order.  I’ll probably get a hot dog too.
  • Have you walked up to the Boat House yet……this week?
  • Colonnade rooftop pool, but be careful, daytime poolside drinks can really knock you on your ass, or so I’ve heard.
  • Hit a restaurant with a patio – it’s not as fun when leaves are falling into your food.
  • Driving range at Granite Links followed by cocktails at Granite Links.
  • Go to a concert at the Bank of America Pavilion and sneak into the VIP tent.
  • You have to wear all your favorite summer clothes one last time, so please pardon my appearance if you run into me wearing any combination of the following: bikini, monokini, linen zebra skirt, maxi dress, espadrilles, giant starfish necklace, overall shorts, straw hat, straw and leopard print clutch, silk shorts, linen sailor pants, and a romper.

That’s a pretty sweet list if I do say so myself.  Are you ready to go dominate summer for the next two weeks?  I know I am – as soon as this episode of Hoarders is over.  Oh, and make sure you let me know what’s left on your summer to do list, especially if it’s buy your favorite blogger (a.k.a. me…obviously) a drink.

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