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Her night at Del Frisco’s

I am fancy.  Yes you read that right, I am one fancy mo fo.  How fancy you ask?  So fancy I eat Hostess SnoBalls with my pinky finger up.  Despite the fact that I practically ooze class and sophistication, I can’t help but feel no one in my life appreciates how truly fancy I am.  Its probably my fault, I’m so darn easy going and low maintenance that people just assume I’m not fancy (I heard that snicker, I am easy going and shut up).  Well no more!!!  I declare my fanciness here and now, and you all better start treating me as such!!!  But where does one go to be treated like they refined lady she knows she is deep (ok, way deep) down inside?  Well I know where I’ll be going from now on, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House suckahs!
The folks at Del Frisco know how to treat fancy people such as myself.  Recently I had the privilege of being invited to a media dinner at Del Frisco’s (ok, so I wasn’t actually their first choice) and let me tell you, it was ah-mah-zing.

overall air of elegance more than make up for my Mr. Magoo wheels

During a recent heat wave I shimmied (fancy person lesson #1, fancy people don’t just throw our clothes on, we shimmy into them) into my most specialest silk romper, attempted to put my hair in a fancy ponytail (even fancy people are affected by the humidity), hopped into my car and headed over to the waterfront.  Now some of you out there might think driving a Le Sabre with a broken air conditioner might cancel out some of my fanciness but you’re wrong, my giant Mary Kate and Ashley sunglasses and overall air of elegance more than make up for my Mr. Magoo wheels, so suck it haters.  I treated myself to the valet, told them not to scratch it, obviously, and headed inside ready for the fun to begin.

I didn’t know a single soul in the joint, never mind just my table, but luckily I overcame my shyness and was able to chat with the people around me (fancy person lesson #2, fancy people are able to adapt to any social situation and feel comfortable talking to anyone, if you’re stumped for topics you can always say ‘have you seen the latest episode of Hoarders?  Can you believe all the cat skeletons they found?’).  I was seated with some serious foodies, people wrote for luxury websites (hi Kellie if you’re reading this), had their own food blogs, and shows and even though everyone played it cool I could tell they were impressed to be seated with Southie’s Carrie Bradshaw (without the active social life and cheaper shoes of course) and I think everyone learned something when I talked about the dangers of not properly holstering your junk before you go to the gym.

What I ate

After a cocktail, or two, the feast began.  Crab cakes, shrimp cocktail with multiple sauces, tuna tartare, and prime beef carpaccio.  So everything was amazing but holy crap the crab cakes were maybe the best I’ve ever had.  I’m not even sure if they qualify as a “cake” because these homeboys were all crab, and plated on top a heaping helping of Cajun lobster sauce which I would have eaten on its own it was so friggin good (fancy person lesson #3, fancy people don’t lap up sauce, unless you’re home alone, in that case go to town).  For the salad course I went with the beefsteak tomato and sliced onion, I know not everyone is a tomato person, but if you love them like I do you need to try this salad.  Now at this point in the meal I have to admit, I’m a couple cocktails deep, shocking I know.  Ordering a cocktail is always the most stressful part of any meal for me, because I love them all so darn much its hard to decide!  I went with the VIP, Del Frisco’s signature drink and the Mod French 75 (not at the same time dummy).  One word, YUM.  The VIP is a pineapple infused vodka martini and the Mod 75 is Hendrick’s gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters and champagne, and these are a few of my favorite things.  Fun fact, when you bing ‘Del Frisco’s Mod 75 cocktail’ you get a story named ‘Lots of alcohol, few calories: Drinks of a hot summer bikini season.  Oh and I had some wine, red and white, whatever they were pouring, all excellent (fancy person lesson #4 fancy people rarely skip a round, especially if you’re a guest, its just bad manners).

Are you ready for the main course?  I was, I’m a total carnivore and would eat steak every single day if I wasn’t concerned about my heart exploding.  I went with our awesome waiter’s suggestion of a 22 oz. bone-in rib eye and it was so good I could have kissed him, honestly because of the steak, not the booze.  Seriously, I love red meat and this steak was incredible, cooked to perfection and the seasoning was excellent.  For sides we had lobster mac & cheese, chateau potatoes, onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, and broccoli.  Normally I’m not into lobster mac & cheese.  I think both lobster and mac & cheese are so good on their own, they don’t need each other, and I feel the lobster usually gets lost in the mac & cheese.  One bite and I was converted, I may or may not have yelled ‘holy crap’.  Chateau potatoes were basically a Cajun mashed potato (spicy mashed potatoes, did someone read my diary?) and the onion rings were big enough to wear as bracelets (fancy person lesson #5, fancy people don’t put on onion rings as bracelets, no matter how badly they want to).  Guess what I didn’t eat?  Mushrooms and broccoli, its called a cheat meal for a reason, and I wanted to save room for dessert.

I ate a lot of dessert

If I had to pick, savory wins over sweet every time, I will always chose a steak over a dessert any day of the week.  That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t love dessert, and unfortunately I loved every single dessert the good people at Del Frisco’s brought out.  I practically squealed with delight (like the little piggy I am) when they brought out my 2 favorite desserts in the whole world, creme brulee and banana bread bread pudding.  I’m not sure I can really convey the level of happiness I had at this point.  As some of you may or may not know, I follow a pretty strict diet and seriously can not even remember the last time I had a bite of creme brulee or bread pudding.  Jiminy Cricket made a brief appearance as my conscience and told me to just have one bite and thats it, but I quickly flicked him off my shoulder, rolled up my sleeves and dug in.  I ate a lot of dessert.  I had a huge helping of creme brulee, and almost started a fight over the banana bread bread pudding.  Oh yeah, I also had chocolate lava cake and lemon cake.  Guess what I didn’t try?  The fresh fruit plate, sorry Jiminy, better luck next time.

So here’s the low down, I had an awesome time.  I got to meet some really nice, funny, interesting people I would have never crossed paths with otherwise, I’ve been dreaming about the food since and I get to feel cool when someone asks if I’ve eaten anywhere nice lately (previously the answer was always no, followed by me throwing whoever asked the question my bitch face).  If you’re looking for a great meal, attentive knowledgeable service, a bustling bar you really can’t go wrong with Del Frisco’s.  Now I realize that all of you may not be as fancy as me, but trust me, you can fake it for the night.  And one last fancy person lesson, be careful leaving any fancy establishment after a couple drinks, sometimes doors you pull open look an awful lot like the ones you push.