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Who is pumped for Will and Kate’s wedding?  I am!  I am! 

Usually I have the sentimentality of a feral cat, but for some reason I’m all caught up in the royal wedding hoopla (I still get awestruck when they show clips of Charles and Di’s wedding on TV.)  Maybe it’s because I know deep down I’m going to marry Prince Harry?  Or maybe it’s because of my obsession with fancy hats and fascinators?  Or maybe beneath my gruff exterior I’m as soft as a marshmallow peep?  Nah, its probably the fancy hats.

I’m jealous at how often they wear special occasion headgear

Let’s be honest, the one area the Brit’s have it all over us is formal headwear.  They rock a feathered embellished hat like you or I might a cocktail ring or tennis bracelet.  I’m so jealous at how often they wear special occasion headgear, I freaking love fascinators and fancy hats (FYI fascinators are those feather head pieces fancy British society types wear.)  I’ve worn smallish feathered clips and headbands to formal events such as weddings, but I’m dying to make the jump to the hard stuff.  I’m really hoping all the beautiful headpieces at the royal wedding and the Kentucky Derby the next week will usher in a new era of hat greatness over on this side of the pond because in all honesty, I look freaking fabulous in hats. 

Galvinized Headwear

I’m not saying this to brag folks, some people can wear hats, some people can’t.  I am not in the latter category.  (Side note: if you’re looking to purchase a head topper worthy of a royal wedding check out Galvanized Headwear at www.galvinizedhats.com. Marie Galvin makes the most drop-dead gorgeous hats, headbands and fascinators right in the South End.) Seriously if I won the lottery tomorrow she would probably be first my first phone call and I would order of whole mess of stuff.

I said major

I love the way Waity Katey (I’m going to be sooooo British for the next week and a half) dresses so I’m also super excited to see what she’s going to wear down the aisle.  Do you think she’ll go sleek and modern or more traditional?  Will her train length rival that of Lady Di’s?  The suspense is killing me!  I’m sure whatever look she goes with will be totally major (yup, I said major, and I plan on saying fetch a few times too.)  Wedding coverage starts at 4am on Saturday the 29th, who wants to call to wake me up?