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For Worst Dressed in the Country by Heather Foley

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now, GQ voted Boston the Worst Dressed City in America.  I’m calling BS on that story right here and now!!!  Ok, so we all see plenty of people walking around looking like crap (lady waiting for the #7 bus with see-through white pants and navy blue pattern underwear I’m talking to you, so get your sh*t together) but I think for the most part we hold our own.  Especially in Southie.  I mean we’re friggin’ fierce.  Speaking of fierce, I’m still working on smiling with my eyes, so if anyone has any tips please let me know.

Fenway Park

GQ had some pretty nasty things to say about Boston fashion, one in particular I won’t even address, and if I think it’s in bad taste you know it’s awful.  I do have to admit, I LOL-ed at their comment about Uggs and waiting to see how long boot cut jeans could be in style, but then I remembered they were talking about us and I got all kinds of offended.  All their you-know-what talking makes me think, they must have been hanging out at all the wrong places.  They probably hung out at Fenway Park for a day, and we all know that’s not representative of “real” Boston style.  Most of the people waking around aren’t even Bostonians! 

Hey GQ!  Are you listening?

I challenge GQ to come hang with me for a weekend.  Are you listening, GQ? We’ll hit the waterfront, Local 149, the Playwright, even the L St. Tavern.  I’m not saying everywhere we go everyone will be dressed amazing, but at least well see enough style to prove we’re not the worst dressed in the whole country!  Come on GQ, give us another shot.
Oh and another thing, did you see who else made the top 10 Worst Dressed on the list?  Manhattan, Chicago, LA, basically every major city in the US is in the top 10.  Guess who isn’t on the top 10? Any city or town from New Hampshire!!!  Has anyone at GQ ever been to New Hampshire?  Ever?  There is no f-ing way Boston is worse dressed than any city or town in New Hampshire.  I know our average is brought down by all those college kids, but still no way it’s worse than New Hampshire.  You know who else allegedly dresses better than us?  The Jersey Shore and Provo, Utah.  So we dress worse than Affliction shirts and trucker hats and homemade cult clothes and modesty bathing suits? (If you’re not familiar with modesty bathing suits, check them out www.wholesomewear.com. You’re welcome.) 

Come on GQ, I know there’s plenty of reasons to hate on Boston, like cuz we’re awesome, but worst dressed in the whole entire country?  Get real.