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It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve started taking boxing classes at Peter Welch’s Gym and here are 7 things that I know for sure:

  • Boxing is not boring – it’s the opposite – it’s actually very fun.  Where else can you get out life’s frustrations and aggravations by punching the shit out of a bag and it’s completely acceptable.  Certainly not the bank or the office.
  • Have you ever wanted to fight “the man” – you know the local powers that be that run our city and state?  Well City Councilor at Large Candidate and former Mayor of Boston candidate Mike Flaherty works out here.  You can fight him.
  • Instructor Derek Shea plays awesome work out music.  If you like old-school hip hop, Derek’s work out mix features the greats – Naughty by Nature, House of Pain, Tupac, LL Cool J, Biggie Smalls and the likes.
  • All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome.  Young, old, thin, tall, moms, firefighters, new Southie, old Southie.  They are all represented and they are all kicking ass.
  • Instructor Tom Egan is a tough bastard.  His no-nonsense and no mercy attitude makes his class punishing.  Apparently we are all masochists because his class is always packed.
  • The comradery.  Other than my firehouse, there is no other place where we bond together in battle. With a tap of the gloves, it tells me, “we’re in this together, pal.”
  • Ample parking.  Being a resident of Southie, need I say more? 

Peter Welch’s Gym
371 Dorchester Street