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Gallery Girls: Art On the Marquee to Feature Women Artists

Boston Cyberarts has teamed up with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) to present five new works created by five teams of women artists. These pieces will be featured for “Art on the Marquee,”the largest and most dynamic digital display for public media art in Boston. Each work will deal with important contemporary themes like migration, ecology, empowerment and more.

You can catch a peek at these collaborative works of art on the 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee outside the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center all season long until August 31st.  Slow down on Summer St., take a look, and check out these unique works-of-art!

The artist pairings, and titles of works, are: Mags Harries (public art) and Catherine Siller (interdisciplinary artist/performer), Submerge; Nathalie Miebach (sculptor) and Allison Maria Rodriguez (Interdisciplinary artist & filmmaker), Unknown Refuge;Emily Eveleth (painter) and Amy Baxter MacDonald (animation and digital artist), Transported; Deb Todd Wheeler (artist) and Lina Maria Giraldo (interactive digital media artist), Wartime Nutrition; and Ambreen Butt (painter) and Cindy Sherman Bishop (interdisciplinary artist), We Need a Hero.  

To learn more visit here! 

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