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Clean out your closet

It’s that time of year.  Time for the purge of the closet. Let your inner Marie Kondo shine through and organize your life starting with your closet!   Here is a quick guide to get your closet organized and places in Southie where you can consign your stuff!

First things first. Take everything out of your closet! Remove all of the clothes, accessories, and non-wardrobe items from your closet.  Also remove of those old picture albums and random stuffed animals from your childhood – they don’t belong in your closet.  Keep your closet for all things wardrobe.

Keep the clothes you love. “Does it spark joy?”
Toss the clothes you have not worn in 2+ years.
Toss the clothes that do not fit properly.
Store the items that you are afraid to toss and re-visit them next season (i.e. the designer skinny jeans that you will fit into once you’ve reached your goal weight.)

Insider’s Tip:
Do not keep clothes that don’t fit you in your closet – they will taunt you.

Consign (While you’re dropping off, you might as well sneak a peek and do a little shopping!)

Covet –  395 West Broadway
With a loyal following of Southie shoppers, Covet is the new, trendy way to consign. Owner Hanadi, and friendly pup Olive, have fashioned their Broadway location to look more like a Newbury Street boutique, rather than a home for your pre-loved wares.  Here, you’ll find trendy treasures, with some stylish gems mixed in. Think: like-new Louis Vuitton & oh-so-chic Tory Burch. Follow Covet on Instagram for a peek at the shop’s most-coveted picks.  Be on the lookout for Covet newer and larger location opening soon!

The Real Real – 
How easy is this? If you have 10 or more items to sell Real Real will send someone to pick up your stuff for you. They accept designer women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing (you can see the full list of brands here), as well as luxury accessories and fine art. It takes about two weeks to list your items after they’re received, and sellers receive 55 percent of the selling price for items under $1,500, and 60 percent for items over $1,500 but under $10,000.

So hop on the Mari Kondo bandwagon, and get your life a little more organized!