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Turning the Wheel
Wednesday June 15th
Come Celebrate !

Rooftop of the Taj Hotel
15 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

  • 25 years of World AIDS Day/A Day Without Art, creating a space to heal, reflect, and remember
  • 25 years of building social co-operation with artists, cultural organizations, community groups,  and social service agencies
  • 25 years of using public art to respond to community needs
  • 20 Years of Our Common Path At No Man’s Land reclaiming the land as we reclaim our voices
  • 20 years of working with faith communities to re-Sanctify sacred space
  • 20 years of our acclaimed youth Program S.P.U.N. Silent People Until Now
  • 15 years of Our Hope and Recovery Program with young addicts.
And help us honor
Artisitc Director
Michael Dowling

for his vision of art as threshold