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Please join us for a Kentucky Derby Day kickoff fundraiser benefiting A BIKE RIDE FOR MARK’S NEW RIDE, on Saturday May 7th at Amrheins Restaurant in South Boston at 4:30pm!

What: A fundraiser for Tom and Michael’s Bike Ride to Florida

Why: To raise Money for Mark Delamere’s new handicap adaptive car!

When: Saturday May 7th at 4:00pm (Kentucky Derby Day! Feel free to wear big hats and drink endless Mint Juleps)

Where: Amrheins Restaurant in South Boston

Mark Delamere is a seventeen year old from West Roxbury, Massachusetts. On September 6th 2013, when Mark was only fourteen years old, he was a passenger in a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

This is definitely the case when it comes to Mark. Instead of taking a back seat to his situation, which he has all the right to do, Mark has taken a proactive approach to better himself, both physically and mentally, as well as better those around him. For example, in June of 2014, Mark selflessly organized a charity street hockey tournament (“The Kevin Cellucci Classic”) to raise money for the family of the man who was in the other car involved in his accident. Kevin was another innocent victim of this horrific accident who is left with a traumatic brain injury. Mark and his friends set out to raise $20,000 for the Cellucci family and well exceeded that goal! Mark thinks of others before himself constantly, and that is exactly why we have decided to do something for Mark!
My name is Thomas Regan and my father and I own a gym in South Boston. In December of 2013, just three and a half months after his accident, Mark came to our gym for the first time. I had never met Mark previously, but from the first day that he worked out with us, we knew he was in it for the long haul. It is now two and a half years later and Mark has been working with us at least two times per week, EVERY week since that first day! As much as Mark may have gained working with us, believe me- we have gained more from working with him! Mark’s energy, enthusiasm and strength are contagious.
It is for that reason that my father, Tom, and his longtime friend, Michael Kineavy, have decided to celebrate their 60th birthdays this May by riding their bikes (yes, bicycles) from BOSTON TO FLORIDA! They are doing this ride to raise money for Mark, so that he may be able to get his very own handicap-adapted car! Right now, all that Mark does depends on his awesome parents Mark Sr. and Sheila. While his parents would do anything and go anywhere for their son, having his own car would give Mark the freedom to travel on his own, whether it be to Journey Forward (Mark’s physical therapy and rehab center) or to get over to South Boston for even more workouts with us! Disability adapted vehicles can cost upwards of $50,000!

For more information or to buy a ticket to the event please contact:
Thomas Regan (857) 272-3675-Motivated Fitness
Mike Sheridan (617)504-1590 (Amrheins)
Joe Atkinson (678) 362-2745
Kevin Hayes (617) 842-2417