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Sunday, May 15, 2022 12:00pm Castle Island Parking lot (5th bench after you leave the parking lot on causeway)

Please join us as we recognize Kathy for her lifetime of commitment to the South Boston Special Kids and Young Adults. Kathy was a mother of a special needs child and knew firsthand the challenges and obstacles that come along with this role. She established SBSK to provide a safe, fun environment for special needs kids and their parents. Being a special needs parent means choosing to believe in yourself, believe in your child, be your child’s advocate and best friend.

A special needs parent is strong, determined and never gives up. Kathy taught us to never give up and to continue the progress and development of the program that she loved so much. Some of our kids have been coming to the program for over 30 years and grew up knowing that they were loved by Kathy and would always have a safe place to meet and enjoy lifelong friendships. We celebrate Kathy for creating this special program which serves so many in our community.

We know that she is smiling down upon us as she sees our kids thriving and our program welcoming new faces each year.

We miss you Kathy! Sending love and thanks from your South Boston Special Kids and Volunteers