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This is a beginner watercolor class that focuses on the basics of watercolor techniques. The class will cover topics such as how watercolor works, what supplies are needed, and how to use them. You will also learn how to hold your brushes and pick up colors, the very basic things. The instructor will provide you with great supplies to ensure that your experience is full. After playing with the supplies, you will do some fun exercises based on basic watercolor techniques that are useful for further exercises.

With these 3 hours of experience, you can try many supplies (brush, paper, colors, and more), different brands, and different techniques and dig a little bit deeper into the basics so you are going to have a wider picture of what watercolor is.

The class will focus on painting (and doing exercises with) botanicals such as plants and flowers in a realistic way.

This class will give you a solid foundation for your watercolor journey. You will also receive many small tips and tricks along the way, as well as mini artworks made by you! :)

We provide all the tools!

This class is recommended:

  • for people who want to learn something new, as a hobby or skill
  • for people who want something relaxing and quality time activity
  • for people who are curious about watercolor tricks
  • for people who want to understand the basics of watercolor

To attend this watercolor class you DON’T NEED to:

  • know how to draw or paint
  • what is watercolor
  • be a creative person