Summer Tan

Tans are magic.  They make you look thinner and more toned, make you stand up a little straighter and feel a little better.  Unfortunately lying out in the sun and/or plopping down in a tanning bed increase your risk of cancer, give you wrinkles, and overall make your skin look like an old, beat up leather handbag.  Is a little color worth it?  Ah no, but since we live in a technologically advanced society we have an alternative, the mighty spray tan.

I loves me a spray tan.  In an ideal world I would get a weekly spray tan…and my husband Tom Hiddleston would pay for them, and then I would meet my friends Jennifer Lawrence, BD Wong, RuPaul, and Clinton Kelly for drinks and they would tell me I looked too skinny and needed to eat more.  Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh right, spray tans.  Anyhoo, if you’re getting a spray tan, and believe me you need to get a spray tan, check out these do’s and don’ts I came up with a little help from spray tan extraordinaire Robin McCarthy from The Beauty Bar.

Do exfoliate before your spray tan.  Have you ever seen a lizard with a tan?  No, you haven’t because scaly skin is not a great base.

Don’t use any products.  When you go in for your spray tan your skin should be 100% clean.  No lotion, deodorant, perfume, or makeup – they’ll mess with your spray tan.

Do use lotion after your spray tan.  Moisturizing every day after your spray tan will help you keep the tan longer.

Don’t shower for at least 8 hours so the spray tan can set.  Embrace your inner dirtball.

Do skip the gym till after your first post-spray shower.  Let me know if you want me to write a note to your trainer.

Don’t exfoliate after your spray tan.  Step away from the loofah.

Do pat yourself dry after you shower.  Rubbing could shorten the life of your tan.

Don’t wax the same day.  Schedule your waxes at least a full day before your spray tan so your pores have time to get back to normal, unless you want to look like you have a crazy blackhead situation.

Do shave before your spray tan.  It’s a little extra exfoliation and you’re not going to want to shave while you’re tan.

Don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined.  After your spray tan wear your darkest, loosest, most grubbiest clothes in case there’s any tan transfer (technical term).

Happy spray tanning!