Healthy in Southie

Nutritious Navigation is a private nutrition counseling service run by 2 Registered Dietitians here in South Boston!  Below we have 5 tips to offer for staying healthy through these upcoming summer months!

  1. Road trippin to the Cape and you’re stuck in traffic on Route 3?  Make a point to pre-pack your snacks!  Portion out 1oz (~ 1/4 cup) of nuts in smaller baggies.   Smart snacking can prevent overeating at the next meal.
  2. Check out the farm stands around the city!  Help support local farmers’ markets and enjoy fresh & local produce while you’re at it.  Goodbye boring salads!  The South Boston Farmers’ Market opens on June 6th!
  3. Don’t forget about food safety on those M Street Beach Days.  As temperatures go up, the amount of time perishable foods can remain out of refrigeration does down.  Avoid leaving food out for more than 1 hour in 90°F or higher.  Pack the cooler folks!
  4. Think vegetables before the less-healthy items!  No one says you can’t have the hot dog.  But try to fill up on fibrous foods like a salad or veggie dish beforehand.
  5. Think of trade-offs.  If you want the dessert, skip the appetizers.  If you know you’re going to have more than 2 alcoholic drinks, skip the dessert.  Plan ahead for the indulgences and try to approach each social event with a plan! (including getting back on track the very next day)

Check us out!  We currently accept insurance.  Feel free to reach out for questions and enjoy the summer!