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The following story has it all: a fifth-year high school reunion; a drunk 20-something in his underwear and one sock; Roofie accusations; frigid waters of Fort Point Channel and local bar’s liquor license in the balance.

Universal Hub has reported on a licensing board hearing that took place Tuesday morning, involving Howl at the Moon on High Street. Back in November, one of the bar’s patrons, who was attending a fifth-year high school reunion, was kicked out for being “over-served.” And that’s really only the beginning of the story.

According to the patron in question, he believed he was, in fact, roofied, because he couldn’t remember a thing after 10:30 pm and it had nothing to do with the drinks he consumed that night at Howl at the Moon.

At the hearing, BPD stated the blood sample – taken from the man at the hospital – showed no evidence of any drugs. Det. Karl Dugal said the man had admitted to having six drinks (*you know what they say, if you’re admitting to 6 drinks that means 12) at the open bar event. The report stated that after the man was asked to leave, he loitered in front of the bar eventually getting into a fight with people waiting in line. According to Universal Hub – the police report read by Sgt. Det. William Gallagher at the hearing – went something like this:

The man went to his reunion at Howl at the Moon. The party ended at 9:30 PM. He stuck around with some buddies on the premises until he was “asked to leave” around 11 PM. Then the fight started. Eventually, the staff lost sight of the man. The police added the friends of the man did see him around 2 AM on High Street when they were getting into an Uber. He was left behind. (*Have these guys not heard of the buddy system?)

Later around 3:30 AM, BPD officers saw him near 470 Atlantic Ave wearing just a t-shirt, underwear, one sock and he was soaking wet. He told the officers he had fallen into the Fort Point Channel and was in there for about 20 minutes before he could get out. He then proceeded to take some of his clothes off.

At the hearing, the manager of Howl at the Moon stated he didn’t know about the man falling into the water until the next day when he ended up speaking with the man in question and the man in question’s parents.

Gheesh, what a night. 

So now, it’s in the hand’s of the City of Boston Licensing Board to see whether Howl at the Moon was responsible for this man ending up in the water and if the bar will face some sort of punishment.

You can read more about this via Universal Hub. 


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