City Council President Bill Linehan recently testified before the City Council Committee on Government Operations on March 31, 2014 regarding the Rental Inspection Ordinance of 2012.  Councilor Linehan filed an order to repeal this ordinance recently, prompting the hearing.

When the Ordinance was first proposed in 2012, Councilor Linehan opposed it. The ordinance was introduced to address problem properties, or absentee landlords, yet responsible property owners are being submitted to fees and additional inspections as a result of it. 

Additionally, real estate owners already pay for 67% of the city’s annual budget and shouldn’t be charged additional fees to fund these inspections. 

Councilor Linehan also feels that the amendments Mayor Walsh has proposed are a good starting place for discussion on improving the ordinance.  He looks forward to working with Mayor Walsh to create an ordinance that works for the property owners and tenants of Boston.

“When the Rental Inspection Ordinance was voted on in 2012 I opposed it.  I had then, and still have now, concerns that I believe need to be addressed.  Since the passage of this ordinance, my office has received hundreds of calls and emails from throughout the city opposing this ordinance,” stated Council President Linehan. “In my opinion, inspectors should not be going into private homes without probable cause”

You can contact Council President Linehan’s Office at 617-635-3203 or [email protected].  You can also follow him on facebook or twitter @Linehanbill.

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  1. Bruce April 4, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    The conditions of so many rentals, even in Southie, is terrible and its outrageous the prices being charged for them.  Property owners should be held to the strictest standards because while its their profits, its other people’s lives that are in the balance

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