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Written by Heather Foley

Do you ever look at people who workout in the wee small hours of the morning while the whole wide world is fast asleep and think “how the heck do they do that?”  Not to plagiarize Nike, but they just do it.  And to be one of those morning workout people you too have to just do it, but maybe these tips will make it a little easier.

Prep the night before.  Get everything you need ready the night before.  Make the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and snacks, lay out your workout clothes, if necessary pack your clothes for work, makeup bag, and hair tools.  And after everything is packed up, MAKE SURE YOU PACKED A BRA!  I had a rather unfortunate bra forgetting incident at an old job, learn from my mistakes.

Go to sleep.  Speaking of the night before, go to bed at a decent hour, you animal.

Psych yourself up.  Remind yourself how awesome you’re going to feel after your morning workout.  Not neccesarily because you will enjoy getting up at the ass crack of dawn to put yourself through the ringer, but because of the sense of superiority you’ll get from working out before work and hence being better than most people.

Keep a consistent schedule.  If you randomly get up early a couple days a month to workout you’re never going to develop a habit, aka it’s never going to get easier.  Get up early at least Monday through Friday to get that AM workout in!

Have a workout buddy.  All sorts of studies have proven you’re less likely to miss a workout if you’ve made plans to do it with a friend.  Something about not wanting to let friends down?  Personally, my gym buddies and I cancel on each other all the time, but maybe you’re better people than we are.

Have your post workout meal ready to go.  You don’t want to be scrambling around after an early morning workout, trust me.  Have whatever you’re going to eat at the very least planned, and hopefully ready to go.

Now set your alarm so you can go kick ass tomorrow! 

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