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Do you need to hit the reset button after a month long celebration of the holidays?  The Juice Box is here to help.  Get your healthy fix with fresh juices, smoothies, fruit bowls, coffee & tea, juice shots and cleanses, and healthy snacks. Offering a vegetarian and gluten free menu, The Juice Box is zero waste and composts all organic waste through Bootstrap Compost in Jamaica Plain. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have!  Your body will thank us!

Here are 5 healthy reason to add more juice to your diet! 

Daily Veggies
Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan, it can be hard to fill your body with enough veggies and fruits to maintain your daily allotment. And when you do, there is usually a stomach ache to follow trying to digest the fiber, nutrients, and shear amount of food in your system. When you juice, you are separating the fiber (aka pulp) from the vegetables, allowing you plenty of space to drink down all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

pH Balance
Our body is in a constant battle to balance out our pH levels. Most of the time, we are way too acidic. This acidity comes mostly from our lifestyle and dietary choices. Stress, sugar, too much dairy and meat, coffee, caffeine, alcohol, etc. all contribute to acidity in the body. When our blood becomes acidic, our body tries to combat it by leaching calcium from our bones…yikes! It can also deplete our energy levels and cause us to become quite cranky. One of the best ways to bring our body alkalinity back to a normal level is through green leafy vegetables and other low sugar vegetables. As mentioned above, it takes way too long to eat these, so juicing gives you a straight shot of enzymes to balance out the acidity in the blood.

Not only does healthy juice detox our blood stream and balance our pH levels, it also helps to detox our organs. Juicing with green veggies and items such as ginger and lemon can help to clarify and improve the function of the liver, kidneys, intestines, and even the skin. The enzymes available to the blood stream are absorbed immediately and begin to cleanse the organs and help rid them of toxins. When these all are working harmoniously, we begin to feel (and look) more energized.

Greens, lemons, and ginger are all key components to aiding in regular digestion. Greens help keep you regular, while lemons and ginger help to stimulate the body’s digestive process. When you combine these in a juice, you are sure to help regulate your digestion. This is key to staying healthy, because as our body detoxes, we have help those systems eliminate the toxins from the body, mainly through our digestive tract.

Pure and simple, the more juice you drink, the more hydrated you will be. Juice contains plenty of fluid, obviously, but it also contains electrolytes, without the use of artificial colors, sweeteners, enhancers, or caffeine.

The Juice Box also also supports their non-profit partner 1% for the Planet! .  1% of The Juice Box’s donations support local environmental organizations like Boston Harbor Now, Mass Audubon, Mass Climate Action New, Northeast Organic Farming Association.  So not only is The Juice Box good for you, it’s doing good too!

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