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3 Ways to Keep it Going

Written by Mairead McGonagle

2019 is in full swing! How are your resolutions coming along? Try these helpful tips and tricks to keep your healthy habits on track.

Stay Motivated
Let’s be honest, when it’s chilly, cold, and dark, no one wants to leave the house. (Never mind work out…) That’s why it’s important to keep yourself motivated. Set concrete goals for yourself, outside of just “losing weight.” Maybe it’s a 5k at the end of February, or being able to use heavier weights at the end of the month. Or maybe, it’s hitting 3 workouts a week. Whatever your goals are, make sure you can see them. Write them down on a chalkboard, in your planner, or on a post-it on a mirror you walk by every day. And then don’t forget to #treatyoself every once in a while for all of your hard work.

Switch it Up
Eating the same salad EVERY DAY? Running the same loop every week? You’re only human, and chances are you’re going to want to switch things up. Try meal prepping on a Sunday, cook up a few different meals for the week. And switch up your workouts, too. Try a new class or head to a new gym—most gyms and studios in Southie offer a free or discounted class your first time. Our favorites? Check out Hip Hop Yoga at East Side Yoga, or a Strength class at Lifted Fitness, or a rooster ride at the Handlebar.

Be Patient
Rome wasn’t built in a day! Be patient with yourself. If you have a setback, forgive yourself and move on. Stick with your plan, and keep your goals in sight. No one’s perfect! Allow yourself to celebrate your little victories, but stay focused on what you want to achieve long term.