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National Fried Chicken Day!

In what we’re sure is a surprise to no one, we love fried chicken!  And in a second non-surprise, we love it more from a local joint than in a bucket from a chain.  We knew you probably love fried chicken, and would like to celebrate it, so we decided to investigate.  It wasn’t easy, but we taste tested as many Southie fried chicken dishes as we could get our mitts on, and here are our favorites!  Enjoy!

Fried Chicken Sandwich, dbar

dbar features the Boston Chops fried chicken sandwich with cucumber & carrot sesame slaw, spicy aioli and hand-cut rosemary fries.  You can enjoy one tonight on their patio with cocktail or order for takeout.

Chicken and Waffle Bites, Gather

These bad boys are life changing, all the deliciousness of fried chicken and waffles but done of the hassle of cutlery.  Each bite is a perfect ratio of fried chicken, waffle, and sausage gravy.

Fried Chicken Sandwich, Lincoln Tavern 

You can get this fried chicken sandwich three different ways! Rriginal, Nashville hot, or honey buffalo. You’ll need two hands for this sandwich!  It’s served with lettuce, tomato, Grillos’ pickles, ranch, housemade brioche sesame bun

Fried Chicken Dinner, Doughboy Donuts

Coming at you like a dark horse!  Did you think Dough Boy was just breakfast?  Well you thought wrong!  Doughboy Donuts has a sneaky good dinner menu and their fried chicken is one of our faves.

Nashville Fried Chicken Tenders, The Playwright

Just how you like ’em – with a little kick! The Playwright features Nashville Fried Chicken Tenders!  Enjoy some in their secret garden patio.

Chicken and Chips, Village Pizza and Grill

Have you heard of the legend of The Fish Pier’s chicken sauce?  The Fish Pier might be gone, but their chicken sauce lives on at Village Pizza and Grill.  Grab some tonight and pour a little out for your homies who can’t be there.

Fried Chicken Basket, The Smoke Shop

The good?  A heapin helpin of fried chicken with fermented honey hot sauce and choice of two sides.  The bad?  There are eleven sides to choose from and choosing between cornbread, sweet potato mash, mac and cheese, Texas toast, and half sour spears (among others) is almost impossible.

Fried Chicken Sandwich, Sullivan’s

Ok, so you probably don’t think Sullivan’s when you think National Fried Chicken Day, but you should!  Their fried chicken sandwich is yummy enough on its own, but it also pairs beautifully with French fries…and onion rings…and a hot dog.

You’re definitely craving fried chicken right now, so either you’re welcome or we’re sorry!

Image features the dbar chicken sandwich.

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Heather Foley

Heather has been writing for Caught In Southie since pretty much the beginning and for that we apologize. She can often be found on her couch with a log of raw cookie dough. Her biggest fear is being on an episode of Dateline and her wildest dream is being a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race. Feel free to let her know if there's something you think she should write about, unless it's stupid.


  1. Jonny Vegas says

    Terrible article. Best fried chicken by far is at Moonshine 152. Fall off the bone good. Buttermilk good. By the way… Gather is in the Seaport District. If you consider that Southie you really shouldn’t be writing for this site.

      • George says

        You tell him Mo these newbies no nothing about their adopted town and by the way the No Name actually states their address is South Boston on the website.

        • Jonny Vegas says

          At least we “know” how to use the correct spelling of a word. “No” worries though, I absolutely consider Legal Sea Foods as a South Boston restaurant, Babbo has the best pizza in Southie, and The Grand is the hottest new club in Southie. What’s the zip code over there anyway???

          • Me says

            You should like the four zip codes in Dorchester know they can only have one. And tell all the Southie resident stickers in the Seaport they no longer qualify for residential spots. Good thing you know everything and are kind enough to share your knowledge.

          • Maureen Dahill says

            What are you talking about? It is South Boston. Does our resident sticker work there? Yes, it does. Until the city changes it, it’s South Boston.

  2. Susan Gailunas says

    Just looked at Doughboy’s menu. I never knew they had meals there! I definitely want to give them a try!