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Located on the historic South Boston Waterfront, the Seaport District is one of the fasted growing neighborhoods in the city of Boston. With museums, restaurants, shopping, fitness studios, a luxury movie theater, an outdoor concert pavilion, and a gorgeous harborwalk, The Seaport District has it all! Welcome to our Guide to the Seaport District! We’ve got the inside scoop on where to eat and drink, new workouts to try, shopping, special events and shows, where to park and how to get here! We’ve even included our picks on where to stay and our favorite spots for nightlife!


Every community has its own flavor and is strengthened by the people who call it home. Like the family down the street that just moved in, the neighbor next door who you run into at the coffee shop every Tuesday morning, or the small restaurant around the corner that makes the best pizza in town. Cobbles wants to redefine our community experience to help people go beyond their screens, connect with the people around them and rediscover what it means to be part of a real neighborhood again.




Old School Dogs

Whatever happened to the old-school Southie dogs? You know the ones who just roamed around the streets without a leash and no owner in sight.  [...]



Southie is my hometown!
Whether you just moved into the neighborhood or are looking for something new in the neighborhood, this is the guide for you! We’ve included helpful tips, new businesses on the horizon, and new things to try! It’s all right here! Check back as this guide will be updated!

Have any scoop on anything new or have a question about the neighborhood? Send us an email to [email protected]

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